Yolanda Miranda Mange: Biography

Yolanda Miranda Mange (1935-2011) was a Mexican businesswoman of French origin, recognized for being the right hand of her daughter Thalía, also a businesswoman, actress and singer. She studied to be a painter and was a lover of the Greek world, hence the name Thalía.

She was considered a woman of good taste and elegance, as well as talented, with a strong and confident personality, which radiated the best energy to all. She enjoyed family life, being a mother, a grandmother and, at the end of her life, a great-grandmother. His entrepreneurial spirit spread to both daughters and granddaughters, as some of them also dedicated themselves to show business.

Yolanda Miranda Mange. Source: Youtube

He ventured into show business advising the singer and actress Thalía. The talent was also inherited by his daughters, and one of his granddaughters, Camila Sodi, married the Mexican producer and actor Diego Luna, who is well remembered for films like Y tu mama tambien .

Miranda is also remembered for having a big heart and helping with charitable causes. It is also recognized that he designed the album Love de Thalía.

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Yolanda Miranda had a first marriage with former Mexican boxer Guillermo Zapata. As a result of that first union, his daughter Laura Zapata was born, who later would have complicated relationships with her mother and her half sisters .

Laura ventured into film, theater and television. Miranda later married the scientist Ernesto Sodi, with whom she had four daughters: Thalía, Ernestina, Federica and Gabriela.

The mother’s talent passed to her daughters, because they have all been successful, starting with the famous Thalía and continuing with Ernestina, who is a writer, Federica, who dedicated herself to archeology, and Gabriela who, also following her artistic career, decided be a painter.

Miranda Mange became widowed in 1977, when Thalía was barely 7 years old. This fact made both of them live very close and accompany each other in different circumstances.          

Thalía’s right hand

Thalía’s career as a singer and actress would not be the same if she had not had her mother, Yolanda Miranda, by her side. She was her right hand, who accompanied her to several recordings and who was present at launches, meetings and other activities in the entertainment world.

The entertainment magazines always reviewed the great friendship, the love that existed between the two. In 2003, for example, Yolanda supported Thalía when she decided to launch her own clothing line.

The advice of his mother and the way to move in the fashion market influenced his subsequent success. The media also reported when her daughter released the album Lunada and she posed for several photographers next to Yolanda.

He also accompanied her to the filming of the video Tú y yo, made in Brooklyn. As if that weren’t enough, her mother had excellent relationships with her husband Tommy Motolla.


The Mexican businesswoman was always the beacon of her daughters. Although he had distances with Laura Zapata, daughter of his first marriage, he always tried to create a serene environment so that they could coexist in peace.

In show business he was considered a person of great wisdom and his ability to guide and advise people was recognized.

She once said in an interview that she advised mothers to see if their sons or daughters were talented and to support them. It was clear to him that they should study at recognized institutes that exploited their talents.

Kidnapping his daughters

One of the most difficult episodes that the Sodi-Miranda family experienced was the kidnapping of Laura Zapata and Ernestina Sodi. It was one day, in 2002, that they were leaving a theater and were approached by unknown subjects who forced them to board a car.

They were taken to a large house where they remained disoriented and unable to communicate with anyone, with towels tied around their heads. The kidnappers, seeing that the family did not respond, had to release Laura Zapata first. But her half-sister Ernestina continued for 16 more days under the threat of her kidnappers. Then Thalía paid the sum demanded for her release and her sister was able to return home.

The sisters’ relationship was overshadowed by the event. Later, Laura Zapata premiered a play called Cautivas , where she wanted to narrate the horrible events that she lived with Ernestina in captivity; However, no one from the family came and this ended up worsening relationships that had never been the best in themselves.

In fact, Yolanda Miranda did not have the best relationships with Laura, that first daughter she had with her first husband. Miranda, known for her empathy and fighting skills, chose on several occasions to reunite Laura with her daughters from her second marriage, but she always encountered obstacles from Laura.

The press even conjectured that the kidnapping had been a macabre plan by Laura Zapata, since Ernestina, in the book Free us from evil , confessed that Zapata’s complicity with his captors was undoubted.

Death and funeral

Yolanda Miranda passed away unexpectedly due to a stroke at the age of 76; She looked forward to the birth of Thalía’s second child and the wedding of her daughter Ernestina, who would marry the businessman and politician Mauricio Camps.

Everything was so surprising that until the day before her death, Mrs. Miranda accompanied Ernestina to try on her wedding dress. Miranda was always correct in her criteria and that is why her daughters asked for her advice.

The news of his death shocked the whole family, starting with his right hand, Thalía, with whom he shared so many pleasant moments.

Miranda Mange lived for a time in New York with her daughter and they had had a conversation where the mother asked to be buried in that city, she wanted her remains to rest there.

Thalía fulfilled her last will and, in an intimate ceremony and only with the closest family members, the businesswoman and the light of her daughters were fired in the Big Apple, a spiritual guide for many others and a person who will be remembered with great affection.


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