What Is A White Party And How To Organize It?

A white party is one that is carried out with a white clothing theme. Inspired by Ibizan festivals, it is characteristic of the Mediterranean area where the color white is widely used both for clothing and for buildings on the coast.

This style of parties has developed a lot in recent years, including the use of this type of decoration and clothing for weddings. As its name suggests, white is the protagonist in everything, clothing and decoration.

White Party

They recall the days at the beach, the hammock, the fans, … They are perfect for all kinds of occasions. 
The costumes used for an Ibizan party are known as adlib fashion. It is an inspiration from the cool, hippie clothes of the islanders.

They are relaxed parties, perfect to organize outside and great for the summer. Here we leave you the necessary steps to organize a great white party.

Steps to make a white party


To have an authentic white party, we need to find an outside location. It is characteristic of the parties organized in Ibiza to take advantage of the good weather outdoors. Whether on a terrace or in a garden, it will provide an Ibizan look to the party.

If our location also has a pool, it will be perfect for our party.

Guest List

When we organize a white party, we must make sure that all our guests come with the necessary attire. We can make invitations in which we include the requirement of the clothing necessary to attend the party.

Being a beach look, our invitations can have sailor and beach decorations to make it more original.


As we clarified at the beginning, this party is known as a white party because of the color of the outfit that must be worn. Ideally, all guests should appear at the party dressed in white and adlib-style clothing. Which means, vaporous and linen garments that accompany the Ibiza air of the party.

It has to be a simple dress but at the same time very chic. Linen and cotton go a long way with the Ibizan style. Boys should wear linen pants and shirts, while women should wear loose-fitting dresses with suspenders.

As footwear, to accompany the look, sandals will be used, to accompany the summer dress. It does not matter if they are flat or platform, as long as they are comfortable to last all night.

We must take into account the terrain in which the party is held, since if it is a beach, we can wear sandals that are easy to remove and go barefoot.

There is nothing that goes with the beach and festive look better than flowers in the hair. Whether in a collection or a headband of natural flowers, they will give a very chic touch to our outfit.

It is also typical to use braids as a hair ornament, these parties have to evoke the parties that were held in Ibiza in the hippie era of the 60s and 70s.

The good thing about the white look is that we can use any accessory we have since they will all look good. If we don’t like the total white look, we can always add a touch of color through our accessories.


White parties are usually held outdoors. If you have a nice exterior, it will help you decorate. But, if on the contrary we do it indoors, we can use white sheets to decorate the walls of the room. To add more strength to our decoration, we can use candles and flowers and beach decorations.

If we hold the party outdoors, one option is the white fabric tents. To make the party more chill out, we can use puffs or put cushions on the floors.

Flowers are very important to give our party more drama, and we can also use torches or dim lights to get a great white party.

To give the party more originality, the tables are covered with vaporous white tablecloths that evoke the beach area of ​​Ibiza. The chairs should also be white to mimic the nearby terraces of the Ibiza beach.

It is very typical that these parties are scented with incense or aromas of spices so traditional in the Balearic Islands and of hippie origin.


The food in the white parties is characterized by simple dishes, no big menu elaborations are needed. You can find appetizers, skewers and canapes.

As it is a very informal party, the food is usually served as a buffet so that each person can serve themselves whatever they want at any time. It is very common to find skewers that are easy to include in a buffet and very simple to eat without the need for plates or cutlery.

The theme of the white party is an evocation of the good weather and the quiet life of the islands, the desserts focus on refreshing things such as fruits or ice cream. The food is eaten with the hands, to maintain the Ibiza passion.


Cocktails cannot be missed at white parties. For some reason Ibiza is the most partying island in the Mediterranean.

At white parties you can find a wide selection of cocktails of all kinds, and juices and slushies are usually included for people who do not want to drink alcohol.


It is not a white party if chill out music is not used. It is great music for guests to have fun dancing. You can also include music from the hippie era with groups like the Beatles or Rolling Stones.


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