The 50 Best Soccer Movies In History

Today I come with a list of the best  soccer movies  for kids, teens and adults. Among them are Gol, Green street hooligans, Black Diamonds, The longest penalty in the world, Messi, Ronaldo, among others.

Watching football is a way to relax and escape from the world around us. Such is its importance, that we can see it extrapolated to different aspects of our daily life. 
In the cinema it has not gone unnoticed, finding great feature films about this sport. 

football movies

If you can think of any more, do not forget to put it in the comments and I will add it without any problem.

List of recommended soccer movies

1- Goal: the dream begins

Gol the dream begins

In my opinion, the best football movie I have seen. With Gol: Living the Dream  begins a trilogy of films known around the world.

Its plot is in itself a story of overcoming, where a Mexican named Santiago Muñez, who lives in Los Angeles, lives a mediocre life, helping his father as a gardener while combining it with working as a cook.

The boy plays for his neighborhood team in his spare time, trying to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional soccer player.

His chance comes when a scout notices him. He wants to take him to England to test to play for Newcastle. This is when your new life begins.  

2- Goal 2: living the dream

goal 2

Goal 2 is not far behind, it is also a very good film. On this occasion, Santiago is signed by the best team in the world, Real Madrid.

In his new life in the Spanish capital, he will have to endure the pressure that corresponds to him both professionally and personally. In this feature film the objective is not to enter the Champions League as happened in the last film, now you must win it.

3- Goal 3: The final game

goal 3

Third and last part of the series. Goal 3 loses steam and receives worse criticism than its predecessors.

The 2006 World Cup in Germany is at stake, and Santiago Muñez only has one goal to fulfill in his meteoric career: to be world champion.

It is in this film where he will try to get the coveted trophy no matter what.

4- Green Street Hooligans

Green street hooligans

A young protagonist played by Elijah Wood has everything to succeed in life until things go wrong and he is expelled from the prestigious Harvard University by mistake.

This fact triggers a series of events that will lead him to move to London to be part of a well-known group of violent hooligans.

5- the damned united

The damned united

Story with touches of humor centered on the figure of Brian Clough, who held the position of coach of Leeds United for no more than 44 days in the sixties.

Brian, who had a well-known reputation until then, made a team disaster out of a champion Leeds, something that led him out the back door within a month and a half of arriving.

The film is considered one of the best on the subject of football.

6- black diamonds

Black diamonds

Film that reflects a sad reality that currently occurs with many children.

Two boys from Mali who dream of becoming professional soccer players fall into the hands of a scout who only seeks to take advantage of the boys’ illusion.

Money will always be ahead in a film that works as a complaint.

7- Foosball

table football

Winner of the Goya award for best animated film, Futbolín will teach you the importance of the value of friendship.

A young boy must play a game against a player nicknamed “el crack”. In his match, he will be supported by some table football players, who will help him throughout the film.

8- Jimmy Grimble’s dream

Jimmy Grimble's dream

Again we find ourselves before the story of another frustrated young man who seeks to be a footballer despite criticism.

Jimmy is a huge fan who dreams of one day playing for Manchester United. His game was not the ideal one to become a professional player until a strange old woman provides him with boots with powers.

By putting them on, they act on their own and make the boy eligible to achieve the biggest dream of his life.

9- The longest penalty in the world

The longest penalty in the world

Probably the best-known football movie in Spain. Fernando Tejero stars in a film in which he plays a third regional substitute goalkeeper who in the last league game has to replace his teammate to stop a decisive penalty.

In his hand is to stop it and thus get the promotion of category for his team.

The problem comes when some fans enter the field and suspend the game until the following week. It is in this period of time where the events will take place.

10- Messi, the movie

Messi, the movie

Film – documentary about Leo Messi. In it, the most important events of his life are remembered: from his contract signing on a napkin to proclaiming himself the best player in the world.

Directed by Alex de la Iglesia, you will be able to see different interviews with personalities of this sport along with some other unpublished images about his life.

11- Ronaldo


This time we talk about the life of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The documentary investigates the most personal aspects of Portuguese, without forgetting a review of his personal successes.

12- Evasion or victory

Evasion or victory

Incredible movie set in Hitler’s time and starring Sylvester Stallone, who plays a professional footballer.

The story tells how a group of Nazi prisoners are proposed to play a soccer match against the German team. Here we have as a background the theme of rebellion and the fight against all kinds of oppression.

They were threatened with death if they won. Despite this, the inmates gave the Germans a game bath, who verged on ridicule.

Pelé or Michael Caine also appear in the film.

13- Looking for Eric

Looking for eric

What would you think if one day Eric Cantona knocked on your door to be your new imaginary friend?

Well, this is precisely what is narrated in Searching for Eric , where a postman separated up to two times and with no illusion for life, finds his support in this new figure.

14- Offside


Again, Fernando Tejero stars in a movie about soccer. On this occasion, he plays a representative of young footballers who has just learned that Real Madrid is interested in a 17-year-old boy who signed with him when he was just a kid.

It is here when he sees his opportunity to earn money and thus be able to take advantage of the young man. Despite this, things will not be as easy as they seem.

15- The extraordinary history of the New York Cosmos

The extraordinary story of the New York Cosmos

With the arrival of Pelé, soccer began to find its place in the American country, something that led to the arrival of other types of teams that have remained until today.

16- Zidane, like a dream

Zidane, like a dream

Zidane’s professional career made a dent in history. Recognized as one of the best players to ever step on the pitch, Zidane, as a dream recounts the life of the famous soccer star.

17- The miracle of Bern

The miracle of Bern

The 1954 World Cup has just kicked off in Bern (Switzerland) and an eleven-year-old boy meets one of the best players on the German team, Helmut Rahn.

The feature film tells how Germany wins the final against all odds to restore self-esteem and hope to a deprived people who had just emerged from the war without much hope of prospering.

18- Exit whistling


Everyone imagines themselves in a stadium playing soccer, but who has taken the position of referee?

This movie is shot from the point of view of a collegiate. The story tells how the protagonist suffers from depression and despite this, continues to referee matches with all that it entails: insults, attacks, disrespect, etc …

19- Mean Machine

Mean machine

The captain of the English team, Danny Meehan, is sentenced to prison after being arrested for drug use.

Once in prison, he will form and lead a soccer team that will face the guards who work there.

20- I want to be like Beckham

i wanna be like beckam

Film that talks about integration and opportunities, where a girl of Hindu origin seeks to fulfill her dream of playing for Manchester United.

Rather, her family urges her to give up that dream to study, learn to cook, and satisfy her husband. The young woman will have to deal with her family while trying to achieve her goals.

21- Shaolin Soccer

Shaolin soccer

The closest thing to Oliver and Benji that you will see in the flesh.

This unlikely Asian movie represents a type of soccer never seen before. Almost bordering on absurdity and comedy, a team from Hong Kong tries to win a prestigious championship, as Cholo Simeone would say, ” game by game”.

22- Rudo and Cheesy

Mexican production that tells the story of Beto and Toto, two brothers who seek to fulfill their dreams at all costs.

Their obsessions will make them adversaries for much of the film.

23- Soccer days

Another Spanish film that tells how a group of friends do everything possible to try to proclaim themselves champions of a local soccer tournament.

As a result of this common thread, the small group will go through a series of personal problems and adversities that they will have to solve, but not before giving a little touch of humor to the plot.

24- The football Factory

Story that tells the life of Tommy, a Chelsea Football Club fan who lives by and for fights and alcohol.

His actions will always be motivated by the club he works for.

25- The San Diego road

The San Diego road perfectly reflects the obsession that Maradona lives in Argentina.

Tati is a young woman obsessed with the soccer player, who when she finds out about his admission to a hospital in Buenos Aires due to a heart problem decides to go in person to give him a wood carving.

26- Armando Maradona

We had already seen documentary films about Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi and Zizou. Maradona was not going to be less. I also recommend this incredible documentary that narrates both his successes and failures.

27- The Chanfle

The America utility man does not quite get along with the team’s coach. Throughout almost two hours of film, these pair of characters will compete for the favor of the others in a fight to see who falls better in the club.

28- Marshall Team

With Team Marshall we are going to make an exception due to the deep history that it frames: we will talk about American football.

Its plot revolves around a coach who faces the challenge of rebuilding a team that was destroyed after a plane crash that killed the entire squad.

29- A great coach

Phil decides to coach the soccer team his son plays for. To his surprise, and without knowing it before, he realizes that his father is the coach of the favorite team to win the league title.

30- The wild football club

Film that tells the story of young people between the ages of six and ten who dedicate their free time to their greatest passion: playing soccer. With this film a saga begins that deals with the adventures of the little ones.

31-Once in a lifetime

32- The blind Side

33- Soccer Mom

34- The game of their lives

35-The damned United

36- Ivan’s dream

37- Hooligans 2

38- Green Street 3: Never Back Down

39- Mean Machine

40- The cup

41- The Traveler

42- Las Fieras Soccer Club 2

43- Las Fieras Fútbol Club 3 Attack of the vampires!

44- Las Fieras Fútbol Club 4: The attack of the silver lights

45- Las Fieras Fútbol Club 5: Beyond the horizon

46- The Fieras Soccer Club6

47- Next Goal Wins

48- Maradona, the hand of God

49- Football stories

50- Two Half Times in Hell

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