The 5 Most Popular Zacatecas Typical Handicrafts

The crafts of Zacatecas are authentic artistic samples that harmoniously combine cultural syncretism and originality. 
Zacatecan popular art is one of the greatest cultural strengths in the region. 

This has made Zacatecas one of the main potential destinations in terms of artisan production and training schools in the industry.

The Zacatecas Platero Center and the Zacatecas Craft Development Institute (IDEAZ) are part of the prestigious regional training schools that train teachers and artisans in the fields of goldsmithing, silverware and textiles.

Typical crafts of Zacatecas

1. The silverware

Zacatecan artisans are especially skilled in making silver, gold and mineral items such as copper, iron, and gold. TO
other works in rocks, carved in precious and semi-precious stones.

The relevance of this activity is given by the mining tradition of the region.

2. Textiles

The textile industry develops especially in Jerez, Zacatecas, Villa García and Guadalupe. 
There, jackets, sarapes, sorongos and woolen articles are produced on pedal looms. 

In the municipalities Salvador Mazapil, Concepción del Oro and Melchor Ocampo, a fiber called lechuguilla is manufactured with which baskets, bags, sacks, chairs and other woven objects are made.

3. Saddlery

Because Zacatecas is a state of important cattle production, leather articles are made with great detail and fine finishes. 
Saddlery especially corresponds to the territory of Jerez and Nochistlán. 

Its most outstanding products are the saddles together with its accessories, wallets, pistol holsters, boots and harnesses for horses.

The Zacatecan saddlery is characteristic for using pita fiber (extracted from the maguey) in its creations, which are decorated and reinforced with this material.

4. Accessories and ceremonial objects

In Jalisco, Nayarit, Durango and Zacatecas accessories (bracelets, necklaces and pendants) are made with beads (beads).

These items have a positive impact on consumers, as they represent both physical and spiritual protection.

5. Edible craft products

Teúl de González is a municipality famous for the quality of the white mezcal (aged or aged) that is produced there and for its agave creams flavored with piña colada, coffee, almond, coconut and passion fruit.

6. Ceramics and pottery

Clay jugs, jarritos, casseroles, gourds, earrings, necklaces and flowerpots are pottery products that are commonly found in the municipal market of Teúl de González and de Pinos.

In Sombrerete, the elaboration of fine ceramic pieces stands out.

7. Blacksmithing, glass and others

Other artisan products made in Zacatecan land are works of artistic blacksmithing, blown glass, resins, pyrography on leather, handmade furniture, macramé and plaster figures.

The rescue of Zacatecan crafts

As a consequence of globalization and the adoption of new cultural guidelines in Zacatecas, as in all of Mexico, there was a decrease in artisanal production.

Currently, Mexican official organizations are working to rescue and preserve this valuable area of ​​national culture.

As part of a number of solutions, the creation of a high quality seal has been planned that identifies Zacatecan silverware as a primary product of regional excellence.


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