The 18 Main Rap Types

The types of rap are nu metal, horrorcore, nerdcore, g-funk, pop rap, conscience rap, poetic rap, political rap, gangsta rap, instrumental rap, crunk, trap and old school. Each class of this type of music has its distinctive characteristics.

Rap emerges as a musical genre in the neighborhoods of the African American community in New York. It was developed in the late 1960s and is usually called hip-hop. 

Rap is called street music, the lyrics are based on social issues with a rebellious attitude and anti-system tendencies.

This musical genre is characteristic for the narration of stories in a totally lyrical, rhythmic, spoken or recited way, accompanied by the drum machine and the sequencer.

It is possible to identify many categories that expand the world of rap and this time we will help you learn about the most popular styles.

Main styles / types of rap

Free style

Known as freestyle , it is about rhyming meanings with face-to-face responses, forming rounds by groups of rappers, accompanied by a person who performs a rhythm called Beat Box while the rapper sings / recites the lyrics of his rhymes.

These rhymes are usually references to their lives such as streets, family, friends, objects, experiences, memories in a positive or negative way.

Recited style

Also called script, it is the rap that needs to be studied, forming and memorizing phrases with the analyzed rhymes, making repairs, since these are to present on stage.

The recited rap can be presented acapella or some instrumental (drums, bass, guitar) in the background, seeking perfection to make the presentation.

Rooster battle style

Coming from the freestyle, it is where two or more rappers create a circle while a DJ places a randomly chosen rhythm, while the rapper performs the rhymes.

The important thing about this style of rap is to continue your opponent’s phrases made up of stronger rhymes.

Types of rap subgenres

Nu Metal

Mix of Heavy Metal with genres of rap, Grunge, funk and instrumental music.


Mix of rap with themes from movies, video games, anime and series.


Rap based on violent themes of horror and black humor.


Rap with violent themes and obscene language.


Rap that talks about illegal substances and violence. It arises from gangsta rap.

Pop rap

Rap with pop influences with the aim of commercial success.

Rap conscience

 It transmits positive messages in the face of daily social problems.

Poetic rap

Mix of rap with romantic phrases taken from poems.

Political rap

Based on themes of protests against the government and its mistakes.

Gangsta rap

Based on crime and delinquency themes.

Chopper and screwed

Rap mix with fast-paced rhythms.

Instrumental rap

Instrumental mixes created by DJs, not including types of voices.


Mix of rap, Drunk, Crazy, Electronic, themes from movies and series.

Old school

Creator of the first rap recorded and published in the year 79. The name of the subgenre owes its name to the group.


It is a mix of rap with electronics and is characterized by having an aggressive sound.

Over time, more and more subgenres of rap emerge and it is gaining more acceptance from the general public.

In the types of rap there are many subgenres with strong content, these are close to rock, pop and electronics, thus having an opportunity to meet the different demands that each person has in the musical field.


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