Shield Of Tabasco: History And Meaning

The shield of Tabasco is divided into four areas of red and blue colors with a crown at the top. In the middle of the four divisions is a virgin within an oval shape.

When Mexico was still under Spanish rule, King Felipe II sent a first coat of arms to Mexican lands, which would be the shield of Tabasco, in the year 1598.

Shield of Tabasco: History and Meaning

Tabasco Shield

Shields and flags are used by countries, states or municipalities of nations to identify themselves territorially and culturally, because they have symbols and colors of their regions or customs.

Characteristics and meanings of the shield of Tabasco

In 2012, the Tabasco legislature adopted this shield as the official of the state.  

1) the virgin

A Virgin Mary in the middle of the shield of Tabasco within an ovoid shape expresses the idea of ​​the conversion of the natives to the Catholic religion.

The virgin is accompanied by two columns that refer to Hercules, a character in Greek mythology of great strength, and each one holds a planet earth.

The left column has the word “nec plus” written on it and the right column has the word “ultra” written on it, which together mean beyond the columns of Hercules, alluding to the arrival of the Spaniards outside the borders known to them.

2) The crown

The shield in its upper part has a crown that symbolizes the Spanish monarchy.

It is gold and red in color, and has a cross at its highest point. In addition, it has inlays that resemble precious stones.

3) The four towers

In the upper left area there are four towers similar to those used in castles. AND

These buildings symbolize the ancient kingdom of Castile, in Spain, where the Castilian language, today known as Spanish, comes from.

The background of this shield barracks is red.

4) One hand with a sword

In the upper right part of the shield is an arm that wields a sword in its hand, with a military court costume from the colonial era.

This symbolizes the Spanish military power that dominated the lands that we know today as Mexico. The background of this segment of the shield is blue.

5) A golden lion

Bottom right is a Lion in a combat position wearing a crown, a very common symbol in ancient Europe.

This king of the jungle is the symbol of the Kingdom of León of Spain, which is currently known as the Asturias region. The background is red.

 6) An indigenous woman

The last field, without being the least important, is an indigenous woman who carries bouquets of flowers in both hands, which she offers.

Unlike the other fields, this indigenous woman does not wear a crown but a plume of feathers, a symbol of indigenous customs and their relationship with nature.

The most important meaning of this field is the ferocity that characterizes the Tabasco settlers. The background is blue.



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