Shield Of Nuevo León: History And Meaning

The shield of Nuevo León is the shield of the State that represents the history, customs and values ​​of the Nuevo Leon people. 
This was established in the Official State Newspaper on July 10, 1996. The shield reflects the strength, progress, teamwork and courage of the Nuevo Leon.

The state used the coat of arms of the city of Monterrey until the design of the coat of arms was approved by a commission of the State of Nuevo León made up of Carlos Pérez Maldonado, José P. Saldaña, Santiago Roel and Héctor González, through decree No. 72, in the Official Newspaper No. 47, on June 2, 1943.

The artist Ignacio Martínez Rendón is the author of the drawing and the coat of arms of Nuevo León (1943). His work is in the Government Palace of the capital.

Composition and meaning

The Nuevo León shield is divided into several quarters and other details that characterize the exterior of the shield.

The foreground of the upper sinister barracks is an orange tree with fruits, representative of the agricultural wealth of Nuevo León.

In the background, there is a green mountain that is Cerro de la Silla, a natural monument located within the metropolitan area of ​​the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, northeast of Mexico.

On a gold background and a red rising sun, it indicates prosperity and national pride.

The upper right-hand quarter is on a silver background and is the shield of the kingdom of León, Spain, from which the State took its name.

The rampant red lion with a golden crown is considered one of the oldest heraldic symbols in Europe.

The feline emblem constitutes the authority, magnanimity, sovereignty, vigilance and culture of the region.

The sinister lower barracks contains a silver base with the image of the extinct temple of San Francisco, which represents the origin of the culture of Nuevo León.

The lower right-hand barracks has a gold field in the background with five black smoky chimneys, which represent Nuevo Leon’s industry and its economy.

The central gusset has a silver background, with a chain around it and a black diagonal band, which signifies the union of the New Leonese.

Other details

The border of the shield is blue. In the upper part there are three golden bees on each side of the helmet and represents the industriousness of its citizens.

On the sides there is a great variety of weapons representing their indigenous ancestors and other times of war.

At the bottom, there is the name of the state “Estado de Nuevo Leon” embroidered in gold.

The helmet above the border is of burnished silver, with grids and plywood. It characterizes the first conquerors and colonizers of the New Kingdom of León.

At the foot of the shield, there is a ribbon with the national colors (green, white and red). The motto is found in Latin and is written in 16th century sable script “Semper Ascendens”, it means always ascending.


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