Gastronomy Of The Caribbean Region Of Colombia: Characteristics

The gastronomy of the Caribbean region of Colombia is a mixture of ingredients and flavors that fuse the culinary traditions of cultures, European, native indigenous, African and mestizo, and includes a variety of dishes, drinks and typical sweets.

Among the most traditional foods of this region are the sancochos based on fish and shellfish, beef and chicken, turtle and goat, and tripe, which are accompanied with patacones, corn buns, banana, yucca and coastal cheese.

Also noteworthy are grain soups, such as beans and pigeon peas, and a variety of dishes from the sea and land.

Caribbean cuisine also includes some exotic foods made with wild game, which are abundant in this part of the country.

Typical recipes of the Caribbean region


It is the most popular dish in the region, which varies in terms of ingredients and the way it is prepared according to each area.

They prepare rib and tail stew, pigeon pea with salted meat, chicken and goat. Tripe is another form of sancocho from this region.

Also noteworthy are the fish, shellfish and turtle sancochos, the bean soup and the mote de queso.


The beef is prepared post, stewed, roasted and puyada. There are also other dishes based on pork.

Goat and lamb

In this region, goat and lamb dishes are very traditional, also those of wild game meats that include animals such as turtle, monkey, icotea, guartinaja, ñeque, armadillo, pisingo, venison, tapir and saino.


There is a variety of rice dishes that are served with shrimp, chipi chipi, crab, smooth and bocachico, among others. These dishes can be served with patacones, corn buns, yucca, banana, coastal cheese and atollabuey serum.

Empanadas and arepas

In the typical cuisine of the Caribbean region, empanadas, corn arepas (with eggs), carimañolas, friche and quibbes, black-headed bean fritters, cob and cheese fingers also stand out. Also the sausages, the cayeye and the cakes.

Fish and shellfish

Fish and shellfish stand out in various preparations such as mojarra, bocachico, tarpon, snapper, lebranche and sierra. The casserole and the seafood, lobster and oyster cocktails are also prepared.

Iguana stewed with coconut

Very popular dish in the La Guajira region. As it is a very abundant reptile in the area, it is used to prepare different recipes with its meat. One of the most common is the coconut stew, which is flavored with spices such as garlic, onion, ginger, and sweet peppers.


There are a variety of traditional rum-based drinks. Fresh fruit juices are also very popular: soursop, corozo, tamarind, sapote, sugar apple, mango, cashew and guava.

Likewise, you drink a lot of panela water with lemon, rice water and corn water.

Candy store

Among the most popular and traditional desserts and sweets in the region are coastal cocadas, coconut rice, joy, enyucado and caballito.

Also very popular are the sweets made from icacos, mango, sweet potato, guava or quince and the famous mongo mongo.

The “rasguñaos” sweets, made from legumes and fruits, are other delights of the Caribbean gastronomy. These typical sweets are generally eaten at Easter.


From fruit juices, milk, cookies and chocolate drinks you can create this kind of homemade ice cream, also known as ice cream or frozen. The mixture is placed in a small plastic bag and will rest in the fridge until frozen.


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