Flora And Fauna Of Asia: Representative Species

The flora and fauna of Asia are very diverse. Asia is the largest continent. It has areas of tundra and taiga, where only a few mosses and lichens grow; and t

It also has areas of tropical forests, rich in flora and fauna.

It has mountain ranges, steppe areas, large lakes, coniferous forests, and desert areas such as those of Arabia. 
Each of these has its own ecosystems, with plants and animals that are often unique in the world.

Centuries of human occupation of certain areas caused both the flora and fauna of those places to become extinct.

Flora of Asia

1- Gardenia

Gardenia is a plant native to China. Its flowers are white and resemble roses.

They are very appreciated in gardening.
It is distributed throughout the world as an ornamental plant.

2- Lotus

It is the representative flower of Japan. It is also called the rose of the Nile.

It is an aquatic plant with pale pink or white flowers. It is considered a sacred plant in China and India.

3- Corpse flower

It is also called the giant hoop. It is a herbaceous plant that produces a flower in the shape of a spike.

It is said to be the largest flower in the world since there are specimens that have reached more than two meters in height. It originated in the tropical forests of Sumatra, in Indonesia.

4- Golden champagne

The nag champa or sona champa is the flower of a tropical tree native to Asia.
The flowers are light orange and the petals resemble the head of a cobra snake.

Contains a fragrance that is widely used in popular incense sticks.

5- Petunia from China

It belongs to a family of plants with 40 varieties. This variety is considered native to China.

The flowers are red, white or yellow. It can have five to ten petals per flower.

6- Sakura

The Japanese cherry blossom represents one of the most characteristic national symbols. Reason for myths and legends, it is a species that blooms in spring, which motivates many families and tourists to come to parks or nature reserves to see the natural phenomenon.

7- Beggerian rose

Native to Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan, it belongs to the rose group and stands out for its brown and spiny stem and its small flower with white petals. It usually grows in mountainous regions over 900 meters above sea level.

Fauna of Asia

1- Bengal tiger

This tiger lives from India to Nepal, in the Himalayas. It is the best known species of tiger, and currently the most numerous.

2- Brown bear

The brown bear is a carnivorous mammal that lives in all temperate areas of Asia.

They are preferably carnivorous animals, but some specimens may also have omnivorous habits.

Honey combs are their favorite food. The brown bear has no natural predators, its only enemy being man.

3- Yak

It is a bovid native to the Himalayas and the mountainous area of ​​Central Asia. It is a representative animal of Tibet and Nepal.

It is covered with a dense fur that allows it to withstand the temperatures of the cold areas it inhabits.

4- Siam Crocodile

The Siamese crocodile lives in the rivers of Southeast Asia and in the islands of Java and Borneo. It is not large: it can reach three meters in length.

Its head is somewhat larger than its body, which allows it to be clearly identified. It is a seriously threatened species, very close to extinction.

5- Siamang

It is a primate native to Asia and inhabits the forests of Malaysia, Thailand, and Sumatra. It is a gibbon that lives in trees.

It has black fur and is the largest of the lesser apes. It is twice as long as other species of gibbons: it can be the size of a chimpanzee.

6- Oryx

Also known as the Arabian oryx, it is a mammal of the Bovidae family that stands out for its huge black horns of up to 80 centimeters in the case of males. Similar to an antelope, it is herbivorous and found in desert habitats.

7- panda bear

Endemic to China, it is one of the national symbols, which makes it a highly protected species by the authorities. It bases its diet on bamboo and lives in mountain regions at more than 3,500 meters above sea level.


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