7 Customs And Traditions Of Loreto (Peruvian Jungle)

The main customs and traditions of Loreto are the feast of San Juan, the Iquitos Tourist Week, the celebration of Corpus Christi, the Iquitos Carnival and the day of the founding of Iquitos.

In Loreto, popular festivities revolve around the Christian faith, its culture and history, and the economic activity of the region, as is the case with the other departments of the Peruvian Amazon.

Other religious festivals that are part of the Loreto festive calendar are the Religious Festival of Santa Clara, the Festival de la Purísima and the Festival of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception.

Traditions and main customs of Loreto

1- Feast of San Juan

It is the most emblematic and famous celebration of all the peoples of the Peruvian Amazon. In Iquitos, the capital city of the department of Loreto, the most important religious festival takes place.

The feast of San Juan takes place on June 24. Previously, or that same day in the morning, the parishioners go to the rivers to take a purification bath. Then they go to the temples to mass in honor of the saint.

In Iquitos, mass is celebrated in the San Juan neighborhood, from where the procession with the patron saint starts, accompanied by typical musical bands.

Afterwards, the party takes place with the “humishas”, which are palm trees laden with gifts around which the “gangs” dance.

2- Corpus Christi

This is another very important religious festival for the population of the department of Loreto. Corpus Christi is celebrated in May with a series of liturgical ceremonies, accompanied by grape harvests and typical meals.

Traditionally, people congregate in the main square of the town or the city of the department.

After the processions and masses conclude, the popular celebration begins amid the hubbub of this type of celebration.

3- Iquitos Carnival

This popular festival takes place in the city of Iquitos and lasts for about a month, between February and March, precisely the hottest period of the year.

According to popular mythology, the demons of the jungle go out to have fun during this time, and closely observe the fun and bustle in the streets of the towns of this region of the country.

People have fun watching the troupes dance to the rhythm of the flute and drum music, while consuming typical drinks.

4- Iquitos Tourist Week

It is a very important activity for the department of Loreto and the entire Peruvian Amazon region.

During the Iquitos Tourist Week, which is celebrated from June 21 to 27, the Fiesta de San Juan is also held, so there is a large crowd of people during these days in the city.

The program of this celebration includes exhibitions and promotional events of regional tourism, which include food samples and craft fairs.

Cultural activities such as competitions, typical dances and artistic and musical events are also carried out.

5- Foundation of Iquitos

Iquitos was founded on January 5, 1864, as a fluvial port of the Amazon River. For this reason, on January 5 of each year its authorities carry out protocol activities, among which are civic-military parades and official ceremonies.

The parades show the folklore of the region and the institutional representation of this city.

6- Tour the Bethlehem market

In Iquitos we find the Belén market, which is installed along the river to offer customers all kinds of products: from fruits and vegetables to local animals such as piranhas, turtles or alligators.

7- Festivity of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception

In many areas of the Loreto region, such as Punchana, the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception is fervently commemorated. It is celebrated every December 8 and is a religious festival inherited by the Spanish settlers.


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