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New – Live 1 on 1 Psychic Readings Through Etsy

Are you going through a relationship break up ? Unsure maybe of how someone feels about you ? Needing answers and clarity on a situation ?

I can help. I am now available for Live Readings which you can book through my Etsy Psychic Shop. The readings can be done over Skype or Facebook as you prefer. With webcam or not as you choose. My Psychic services and Psychic Readings are open for clients old and new. If you would like me to do your reading and look at your questions with Tarot cards I am also happy to do this.

I have years of experience working as a Spiritualist, Psychic, Tarot card reader and Empath, the latter of which is my main trait. I am also happy to work without tools, connecting directly to your energy and situation, sharing with you exactly what I see and feel. You will never be give false hope in my Psychic readings.

Click the link below to check out my new Etsy Psychic Shop, I will respond to all messages through Etsy and requests for a Psychic reading within 18 hours or less

Thank you Psychic Dino

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