Angels Around

Angels – who can not love them and what they stand for! A question that is often asked is are Angels real or is this just mythology, a nice idea , even a gimmick used by Psychics ? My own personal answer is Angels are very real, very present , and in many cases the spiritual forces of the Angels are older than this universe we currently live in. Yet they retain there youth for eternity.

Can Angels Help ?

Actually angels are helping you every second of every day. Its just that most times we dont notice or are simply not listening. How many times have you stepped onto a road after pausing for a moment only to see a car miss you by a split second ? How often have we take one direction (at random) and not another and bumped into someone whom we have not seen in a long time ?

I could go on with examples but suffice to say most of us will have those moments where it just feels a little “too spooky” that a chain of random events lead to a certain outcome or situation.

This many times in Angels in motion. Doing there work in silence, protecting, guiding and when finally needed at the end of our life being there to ease our transition from this life to the next. They do not judge, they not interfere with the universal law of Free Will and there numbers are legion!

These are the true warriors of the Gods, not Gods themselves but certainly set aside and above others because of the divine power they possess. Angels can do no wrong.They do not understand the meaning of hate or harm. They are by there very nature pure in all things and on a continual journey of learning and enlightenment.

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My Own Angel ?

Every person who has ever lived will have been given there own Angel. Usually in the western world we call this Angel or guardian Angel. The Spiritual element that protects us from harm or gives us peace and courage in the face of adversity. They work in silence but never rest nor sleep until we do at the end of this life.

They will only ever have one person whom they will be a guardian for, after that they return to the spiritual to continue there work which lasts for eternity. You can be sure that when you finally pass over one of the first things you will see is your own Guardian Angel. and some whom have had a near death experience have said that when they met there Angel what surprised them is that they looked so familiar as if they had known them all of there life. Which actually they would have. Its just as I said we are not always listening or looking.

They other Angels who go between multiple people. some have said these are worker angels, doing all manner of things, but in my own view all Angels , guardian or not are continually at work so I would feel this name is not quite fair.

So next time your feeling alone, or afraid or just curious, why not open your eyes and listen …

I remember a sign that hung in my mothers kitchen it read

“Angels Around Expect Random Miracles” ….

How true those words are if you believe!

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