Do They Love You ?

Do they Love you ?

Its a common question asked by many and betrays so many of our frailties and insecurities as human beings. After all most of us have a very real and natural desire to feel loved and to give love. We are social animals, who function best (most times) with human contact and interaction with others. So when things do go wrong when it comes to the big arena of “Love” it can really hit a person hard.

Many of us will have been in a relationship where something just does not feel right. Maybe its you, with your own doubts on the other person. Or your feeling some distance from the other but cant work out what it means. This is much harder to understand and manage in established relationships. Doubts and insecurities can cause us untold grief if we do not truly know how a person is or is not feeling. You can say surely the best way to find out if a person really does love you is to ask them … Sure you can do this but there is no guarantee sadly that you would get an honest answer. There is love and there is “love”

“I love …. but I am not in love”

Such a loaded sentence which is one of the worst things we could hear. I know I have heard it said to me in my past. Hard because your being told your loved but only in a limited way … its better in fact if such words were never said at all. But it does show clearly that there is different kinds of love we can have. And it can get very confusion and very messy.

The truth of the matter is if you are doubting your feelings for someone else, unless you work quickly to try work out what is causing that doubt, then those doubts will continue to grow until it really does become a problem.

The same goes if your feeling distance from your partner, your wife, your husband. Communication here really is key even if you end up hearing something you dont want to. Better the truth no ? than living a lie.

You Are In Control

In the end it has to come down to what you are prepared to do in order to find the answer of how you feel on someone or how someone feels about you. This could well mean exposing yourself to a difficult array of emotions. Even the risk of hearing those dreaded words of “no I do not” At least then you can really start to process what is happening and look towards healing and moving forwards in your life.

In a small number of cases, even when a person tells you they no longer feel the same for you there is a chance with work, understanding and allot of patience that things could be turned around. But the chances of that are slim. Odds are if they are telling they dont feel the love anymore its something that they have been feeling a long while before you knew.

Detachment usually happens over an extended period of time, without the other person ever really knowing about. Anyone reading this who is going through personal relationship detachment will know exactly what I mean.

In the end we need to know … one way or another as living in doubt can become very very difficult. It may well your partner has some deeper personal issues which they are holding back sharing with you. So its not a case of them not loving you, but rather not feeling good within themselves.

In other cases they maybe having exactly the same doubts as you are having. And communicating about this can shed possibly surprising light on such a situation. But you need the truth in order to live a happy fulfilling and balanced life.


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